Good Times – Comedy Club’s story begins in 2014 when the primordial ooze of comedy was just starting to bubble again in Otautahi. Grandpa Figs Ltd was formed and began promoting shows around the city, touring acts around Aotearoa, and managing the careers of several local comics.

Under the stewardship of it’s founder, Snap Versus Morality, Grandpa Figs went about growing our comedy industry into the biggest per capita in the country, and second biggest outright, through both regular shows, and an annual international festival of comedy.

As The World rolled into 2020 Snap was taking local comedy to the next level, opening the doors on Good Times – Comedy Club, one of only two comedy clubs in Aotearoa. After over half a decade of planning a comedy club was finally opened in Otautahi, just in time for a pandemic to blow those plans out of the water, and by the end of the year our doors were closed.

With so many people passionate about this project, and what it does not only for performers but for our city in general, it wasn’t long before a new investment team was found, and we continue to provide Good Times to all!